Five Minute Chilaquiles

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This isn’t the most authentic version of chilaquiles, but it’s definitely the fastest! Authentic chilaquiles start with corn tortillas that are fried in oil in small batches before being combined with sauce and shredded queso fresco. Commonly topped with sliced avocados, sliced raw onions and crema to boot, chilaquiles are an amazing brunch dish and worth the time to make from “scratch.” My husband loves chilaquiles so much I’ve devised several shortcut methods so I can make this deliciousness during the workweek. Using tortilla chips instead of frying the tortillas saves you from the most time-consuming step, and it’s a great way to use up a seemingly endless giant bag of tortilla chips from Costco 😉



Recipe serves one very hungry person or two moderately hungry people. Use the pictures above to help determine serving sizes; when I cook quickly I never measure the ingredients – it saves a ton of time and the precise ratios don’t matter as much as personal taste. If you love cheese, add more than the torn up slice of sandwich cheese I used here! If you need extra protein, add an extra egg.


Salsa of your choice (if you like spicy, go for spicy. For best results, use something with more sauce-like/liquid consistency than pico de gallo)

A few ounces of soy chorizo (can with regular chorizo)

At least 1 cup of tortilla chips

1 beaten egg

1 slice of cheese, torn into pieces (or handful of shredded cheese)

GARNISH: Green onions, chopped cilantro, sour cream


  1. In nonstick pan, pan-fry soy chorizo and salsa on high for 1 minute.
  2. Add handfuls of chips and gently fold in until the chips are soft and evenly mixed in.
  3. Add shredded or sliced, torn cheese and 1 beaten egg – let the edges of the egg set before folding into the chip mixture.
  4. Serve with green onion, roughly chopped cilantro and sour cream.
  5. Enjoy, wish you made a bigger batch <3


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Coming soon to the shop: premium custom wallpaper panels to dress up your shelves. Available in standard widths to fit popular IKEA shelves like the Billy.



Appliance Wraps

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Stainless Steel Appliances for Less

If you love the look of stainless but cannot afford to replace all your appliances purely for aesthetic reasons, offers DIY appliance wrap films designed to resist high heat, moisture and humidity. Perfect as a renter’s solution or renovation budget saver, our stainless-look appliance wraps are now available in 10 finishes (copper, brass, pewter, brushed nickel, stainless steel, high gloss black, matte black, high gloss white, matte white, and custom-tinted Pantone shades available for an additional charge). Our exclusive wraps are available in two standard widths, with custom sizes available.

All you to transform the front of your old appliance is a steady pair of hands, and some simple household supplies outlined below. We offer an complimentary application kit for orders over $125 this kit is also available for sale ($10 with any purchase). Wraps are guaranteed to last 2 years without peeling or warping provided the correction application method is used; many wraps will last well beyond this but preparation of the surface is key for best adhesion. Surfaces must be smooth, non-porous, and free of grease, soap scum, or other residues common in kitchen appliances, and the use of simple but proper tools such as application fluid and a squeegee will ensure a professional result. Work slowly and carefully, and set up your supplies in a clean, dust free area near the appliance before you start.


Stainless steel film


Application Fluid

Yardstick (preferably a metal one as opposed to wood)

Box cutter or Exacto knife with new blade

Flattened box or cutting mat (sized slightly larger than your appliance/film)


Start by measuring the appliance you want to cover. The rule here is to measure twice and cut once, so make sure your yardstick is level and the measurement is as close to exact as possible. Make a note of the measurement.


Prep the surface before beginning the application process. Clean the surface as thoroughly as possible, as adhesion is only guaranteed on a smooth, clean surface. You can use a commercial degreaser or use a simple 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water to wipe the surface clean.


Begin prepping the stainless film for application. While you can apply the film straight from the roll and cut it to size once applied, we recommend cutting the film to size BEFORE application. When applied with precision, this method is easier and neater than trimming post-application. To protect the cutting surface against damage, lay a flattened box down underneath the material before you start working. Take a moment to ensure the area is as clean and dust-free as possible, as a bit of dust and debris can affect the adhesion and make the application more difficult. Mark the stainless steel film according to your measurements. Again, measure twice and cut once!

Once you have made your marks, ensure your yardstick is level before carefully beginning your cut. Work slowly, hold the yardstick firmly and pause if necessary to ensure a smooth, straight cut. Continue cutting carefully along your straight-edge until the material is fully cut to height.

Again, working carefully to ensure your marks are level and your measurements precise, continue Steps X-Z as above to make the vertical cut.


Once your material has been cut to size, carefully peel the film away from its backing, at a height about 1”-2”, evenly across the top of the film.


Folding the stainless material back, trim the backing material away, leaving an even strip of exposed stainless film across the top.

Spray the surface of the clean, dust-free appliance with an even layer of application fluid. The application fluid will allow you to reposition the film if necessary, and helps ensure a smooth, bubble-free application.


Carefully position the film over the appliance. Remember, you are going for precision, not speed, so take your time to ensure that the film is even and level before proceeding to smooth down the film. If you begin smoothing the film only to discover it is hanging a smidge crooked, remove the film and adjust. The application fluid will make removal and repositioning fairly painless, so don’t skip this step! A level edge is crucial for a seamless and professional look, so adjust the stainless film until it hangs precisely and evenly.

Once you are happy with the placement, press the film down into place with your fingertips, smoothing the film gently as you go. Work slowly and carefully, little by little, until the top inch is secured to the appliance.


Use the squeegee to carefully smooth the film down, working down-and-up, side-to-side, slowly and methodically to remove air bubbles. If a few small air bubbles remain, they will disperse and dissipate as the fluid dries, but be careful to avoid creasing the stainless film as you work. Stop to check that the film is still level before proceeding to a larger area.


Once the film has been smoothed across the top inch, carefully peel the backing away another couple of inches, continuing to smooth the film slowly with the squeegee.  You may find it helpful to keep one hand behind the film, keeping the backing clear while using the other hand to squeegee the film down.

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Continue smoothing and unrolling the backing bit by bit until you’ve covered the entire appliance front. Gently remove larger air pockets, keeping in mind smaller bubbles will dissipate as the fluid dries and the film settles.


Voila! The application is complete. Appliance wraps are coming to the store in November and will be available in a variety of finishes.